0 players

Open realm x1

Legion realms open on November 4 2016 19.00 MSK

Rate server:
Rate х1 PVE
XP Kill rate: x1
Quest rate: x1
Explore rate: x1
Drop rate: x1
Gold rate: x1
Honor rate: x1
Reputation: x1
Instance CD: week

Realm Bonus:
- The system of increasing gain experience in groups, if two people are the group bonus + 100% when a group of more than 2 persons the bonus is 200% Bonus (obtained Reita x3).
- In locations where there is no scripted main chain of quests to obtain the rates the experience with NPC x3 (part locations Draenor counting with a bonus from the group x6)
- The first one to reach 110 leveled get 650 tokens to an account.
- Another 10 people who reached 110 first leveled get 300 tokens to an account.

Regular awards for time spent in the game:
100 hours -
250 hours -
500 hours -
1000 hours -
2500 hours -
5000 hours -
9000 hours -

Expected 1000+ online at server startup.
Information about how to connect:
Options to address the problems with the launch of:
Information about the content of an exemplary performance:
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